Purpose Work Vision

NSRF Structure for Ministry of Maritime Affaires and Insular Policy was founded by joint ministerial decision no 83063/ΕΥΘΥ782/2016 of Ministry of the Interior and Administrative Reconstruction – Ministry of Finance, Development and Tourism – Ministry of Finance, Shipping and Insular Policy, entitled “Reorganization of NSRF Structure and Substitution of joint ministerial decision no 122/27-09-2012 (Β΄2662) and 180/30-10-2012 (Β΄2901), as they apply” (Β΄2643/25-08-2016).

The Service is certified with a quality management system as per ISO 9001:2015 in accordance with TÜV-HELLAS (initial certification 2017) applied for EU Funds Management and Public Procurements of Supplies and Services – in House Procurements.

NSRF Structure for Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy is a special purpose Service, out of the organization chart of the Ministry and is structured in two (2) Units:

Unit A:  Operational Planning, Programming and Monitoring the Actions

Unit B: Implementation of the Actions, Organization and Administrative Support

NSRF Structure for Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy is the competent Directory missioned to support the Ministry and its supervised entities regarding the mapping, prioritization and specialization of the needs in the whole policy of the Ministry and the strengthening of its administrative capacity and to underpin the supervised bodies in relation to the Operational Programs of the NSRF and the other EU financial sources. It has the responsibility of planning and implementing the policies of the Ministry, through the planning, specialization, preparation and coordination of the implementation of projects or actions financed by the European Funds, the NSRF operational Programs of the current programming period and any other program and / or financial instrument of the European Commission but also of other organizations or bodies of the European Union.

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